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Pet Urine & Odor Destroyer - Gallon Specialty Kit

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Product Details


The Ion Fusion Specialty Gallon Kit makes an entire gallon of your favorite Pet Urine & Odor Destroyer. Unlike traditional gallon jugs that are big and bulky, you can save money, space, and the hassle with the 1 Gallon Pack. Each gallon pack comes with 1 Starter Bottle and three refill pods that each make 32 oz. of your favorite cleaner.



H2O (Water), Isopropylidene glycol (Alcohol), IONs - Balanced for Urine & Odor (plant-based emulsifier and odor counteractant), MGDA sodium salt (biodegradable complexing acid), Sodium citrate (citrus salt pH adjuster), Mixed berry Essence (biodegradable essence), Dipropylene Glycol (essence solvent), Berry C2 (biodegradable colorant)

Additional Details

Our Pet Urine & Odor Destroyer has a fresh, but non-lingering Mixed Berry essence.:
Our advanced ion formula can clean any water-safe surface and completely destroys foul odor molecules.
Our eco-bottle is custom designed to spray at any angle and Spray Every Last Drop.:
Our refill pods are easy to use, save you money and space, and help save the environment from plastic waste!
Stain & odor

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