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This month we are going to be heading to the Costa Mesa store to talk with Basel Nasar, the founder and CEO of Boss Dog Pet Products. Make sure that you watch the video for the full boss dog story, but here are some highlights. 

Dwight: Tell us about a little bit about your products. 

Basel: I have a 20-year background in Greek yogurt for humans where I learned a lot about digestive health and the infusion of probiotics. So we are applying what we have learned to pet. We actually have  pillars now under the Boss Nation brand, Boss Dog and Boss Cat.

Dwight: What are the different products that Boss Dog has to offer?

Basel: Our first entry into the market was our Greek Style Frozen Yogurt treats for pets. A lactose free, 100% human grade Greek style frozen yogurt treats that come in 3 flavors…3 billion probiotics per cups. Shortly after that we introduced our Raw Goat Milk line. Ours is a little bit different in that we introduced DHA and Taurine and it is infused with probiotics, over 1 billion probiotics in 2 ounces. It is great as a supplement. Shortly after that we got into the complete and balanced Freeze Dried Raw Diets for Dogs. This was a real innovation in that we had to find ways to infuse probiotics so that it had survivability through the freeze drying and high-pressure pasteurization. Not long after that we started our Pro Series with our Boss Pro Puffswhich are an ancient grain whole based treat where we infuse them with protein and probiotics. That then gave inspiration to our Pro Balls line, which are freeze dried meatballs. What is special about them, beyond the fact that they are infused with probiotics, is that they are cold formed, so there is no binders or stabilizers. We press them in a cold form and then freeze dry them. 5 hundred million probiotics per ounce. 

Dwight: Where are your ingredients sourced? 

Basel: All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA. We do bring any of our vitamins or minerals in from China. For example, our protein is all pacific northwest. We have one dairy source for our Greek style frozen yogurt treat, they are in the Central Valley of California, a third-generation farmer. Our raw goat milk comes from a single farmer as well, certified humane, raised and handled ethically. 

Dwight: Is Boss Dog involved in the community at all?

Basel: Boss Nation is heavily involved in the community. Not only do we have a street team composed of brand ambassadors, that make up your “At Your Service” team. In addition to that we have our Boss Nation Cares platform which is our charitable arm. Every month we will go out and find a particular need. So whether it is Pet for Vets, Heros for Heathcare or just (a dog) needs a new liver Boss Nation Cares takes great liberty to make product donations or monetary donations at least once a month. And then once a quarter we like to support a regional event. 

Dwight: Thanks a lot Basel for coming out and explaining your product line for us!

To check out all of the Boss Nation line of products you can click here. For more information on Boss Dog or one of the other great lines at Centinela Feed please come into any of our stores and speak with our great team of associates that will be happy to help you out.