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Dwight’s Video - Fleas

As we start heading towards warmer months, it is the time to start treatment and prevention of flea infestations. Join Dwight for this overview of the flea life cycle and different ways to treat and prevent fleas from making an appearance in your household. 

The primary reason why it seems like you cannot get rid of flea infestations once they occur is because you are just fighting the fleas you can see. In reality, adult fleas only represent 5% of the total flea infestation. So, without proper environmental treatment you are never going to get rid of them. Let’s take a look at the problem as a whole and see the best way to treat the entire problem. 

Adult fleas will always find a host, generally your dog or cat. Adult fleas will bite your pet which causes irritation and the pet to start itching. The worse part is that the flea starts to lay eggs, between 30-50 per day. Unfortunately, these eggs do not stay on your pet and will fall off, both in your home and yard. Thus, we need to take a broad approach to dealing with all of the fleas in the household. This involves a 3-Step solution: Purge, Protect and Prevent. 

Step 1 is to Purge the fleas. Purging the fleas will provide your pet with immediate relief. You can either purge the fleas by giving your dog a good bath with a flea shampoo or using a flea spray or powder on your pet. While these products will kill the fleas currently on your pet, they will not provide any long lasting protection. 

This is where step 2 comes in: Protect. Topical treatments are one of the most common ways to provide longer lasting protection for your pet. Treatments from Advantage, Advantix and Frontline will provide 30 days of protection from a reinfestation of fleas. The Seresto collar will provide 8 months’ worth of protection in a hassle-free delivery system, making it very popular among our customers. 

Now we can move onto step 3: Prevent. Now that we have taken care of the pets, we need to work on how to keep the fleas from infesting the home. Proper environmental treatment is the most important step in either eliminating or preventing a flea infestation. You can invest in your flea free home by looking at carpet sprays, carpet powders and household sprays. The Zodiac carpet spray is a great product which has an insect growth regular in it, which means that it kills not just adult fleas but also eggs and larva, making it much more effective. Don’t forget about that yard as well! Advantage has a yard spray with a built-in spray applicator. All you need to do is attach it to a hose and spray. 

If you have any questions about fleas or anything else that we can assist you with. Please make sure to stop by any Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies and speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.