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Water is the single most important nutrient. It helps regulate your pets body temperature, helps with digestion, absorbing nutrients, and every important bodily function within your pet requires water. In addition, water can help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney issues. So here are some ways to help your pet consume more of this vital nutrient. 
First, make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water available. Change your water bowls daily, and it’s not a bad idea to put out multiple water bowls around your place. 
Water fountains are fantastic and can help encourage your pets to drink more because of the running water. This is especially true for cats as they often will drink water from running faucets. They are charcoal filtered to help reduce many toxins as well as minerals and salts. 
Wet food is another good way to add more moisture. Wet foods contain as much as 70% to over 80% moisture. Wet food is a great way to add variety into your pet's diet and is a good solution for finicky eaters.
Finally, you can add Goat's Milk or Bone Broth. These products are great because they can be used as a topper for dry kibble or to rehydrate any freeze-dried foods. The raw goat's milk contains live probiotics to help improve digestion. Bone broth is loaded with collagen so it’s a great source of Glucosamine to help maintain healthy joints. They both come in ready-to-serve liquids or a dehydrated version where you just add warm water.