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Feliway and Adaptil Calming Products

Stress and anxiety are common issues that our pets experience on a daily basis. Simple things such as trips to the vet, the groomer, traveling, moving, or even adding another family member can result in stress for your pets. This stress can result in unwanted behavior that we’ll need to address.

The good news is there is a solution! Feliway and Adaptil calming pheromone products can help to reduce or eliminate this unwanted behavior. What are pheromones and why would you need them? Calming pheromones are emitted from cats and dogs to calm their environment. When a cat rubs their face on your leg or furniture around them, they do this to mark their territory as being safe and secure. The more of this calming pheromone they put down in their environment, the calmer they feel. Feliway replicate feline pheromones and the Adaptil replicate canine pheromones. Pheromones are species specific so canine pheromones will not affect felines and vice versa. The best time to consider any pheromone product is when your dog or cat is exhibiting any stressful behavior.

For cats that would be excessive scratching, peeing outside the litter box, hiding and if there are multiple cats then fighting, hissing, or spraying. Dogs can exhibit stressful behavior with excessive barking, hiding, whining, or if they have separation anxiety. Feliway and Adaptil are non-invasive calming products that make life stress-free for both pet and owner.


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The Honest Kitchen Whole Food Clusters

The Honest Kitchen company is known for their minimally processed dehydrated foods which so many have come to love. Their recent extension has come in the way of dry food, but not just any dry food. The Honest Kitchen Company has introduced Whole Food Clusters. These clusters are human grade and minimally processed as opposed to most dry foods which are extruded.

There are 3 formulas which are a cage free Chicken, cage free Turkey, and a ranch raised Beef.

For this new line of clusters food, they manufactured their own human food kitchen and it all starts with human grade whole ingredients. The ingredients are cold pressed, then lightly roasted, and finally dehydrated. They’ve tagged this process “MadeHonest” and the end result is a healthy and extremely palatable cluster.

They smell great and dogs love it! There are different ways you can feed the clusters. You can use it as a base food, you can mix in some of the Honest Kitchen dehydrated food, you can alternate between the two types of food, or you can add the Honest Kitchen dehydrated goats milk. Make feeding time for your pet fun again by exploring these exciting options by The Honest Kitchen Company!