Product reviews



In this month’s product review, we are going to look at the different brands of “Gently Cooked” foods. Gently cooked foods are a perfect solution for those who want home cooked meals for their pets, without the hassles of making the food yourself. So, what are gently cooked foods and how are they prepared?  All pet foods, with the exception to raw foods, have some level of heat applied to them.  The higher the heat, the more nutrient loss there is.  With these gently cooked foods, they are slow cooked at lower temperatures, at approximately 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and this removes any harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients.  Gently cooked foods are also extremely palatable because the flavors are locked into the foods and is a great solution for picky eaters. 

Let us take a closer look at the different brands we carry:


My Perfect Pet is prepared in their own commercial kitchens using meats that are all sourced in the US, except for their Lamb which is sourced from New Zealand.  

The meats are slowly cooked to FDA standards to remove any harmful pathogens then mixed with raw fruits and veggies and formed into bars.

Marie’s Kitchen by Stella and Chewy’s offers two formulas of their gently cooked products.  A cage free chicken and grass-fed beef.  Both formulas are gently cooked in small batches in Minnesota and contain 80% meat.  Marie’s Kitchen also include bone broth which further enhances the flavor and provides collagen.  

The ingredients are pressed into small nuggets which thaw quickly and are easy to serve.

Open Farm prides themselves for full transparency.  Every ingredient from first to last can be traced back to their source on their website,  Open Farm uses only certified humanely raised human grade meats and non-GMO fruits and veggies.  Open Farm utilizes the Sous-Vide cooking technique to prepare its foods.  This technique allows all the ingredients to be cooked together in the bag that it comes in.  The food is never exposed to any possible bacteria until the bag is opened to be served. Sous-Vide also retains all the juices from the ingredients making it one of the most palatable foods you can buy. 

All of our brands use ingredients free of GMO’s, hormones, and antibiotics and you can use any of these gently cooked foods for as a complete diet or as a topper for kibble.

So, come on into any Centinela Feed where any of our pet nutrition consultants will be happy to help you.