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Dwight’s Interview with Steve’s Real Food

Welcome to another brand feature interview where our head trainer Dwight, sits down and learns about one of the great brands that we carry at Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. This month Dwight is talking with Joel Baardseth, National Sales Manager for Steve’s Real Food. 

Dwight: Can you tell us a little bit about Steve’s Real Food for Pets. 

Joel: Many people don’t realize that Steve’s is one of the oldest and first of the commercially prepared raw foods. Steve’s actually began in 1998 and pioneered the whole idea of commercially prepared and packaged raw food. Now Steve’s is owned by Nicole Lindsey, she bought it in 2014 and modernized the packaging and some of the ingredients; by adding some power ingredients to it and bringing it into the forefront. 

Dwight: Can you tell us a little about the products that you offer.

Joel: The core of our brand is our Raw Frozen line, which comes in both nuggets and patties. But we do have some bulk options, we do have a 13.75lb box of patties which is our biggest seller and we do have a 20lb box of patties. So Steve’s is really becoming a bulk brand. In addition to our raw frozen we brought our line into the freeze-dried world. We have 2lb freeze dried bags, that crumble really easily. We also have a goat milk based frozen topper line called Enhance. 

Dwight: Where are Steve’s Products manufactured and where are the ingredients sourced from. 

Joel: We manufacture in the Pacific Northwest. Sourcing is a big passion of ours and we try to source many of our items from the Pacific Northwest. But we do source throughout all of North America, including Canada. The only exception and that is our lamb comes from New Zealand. I have actually visited many of our farms, including our goat farm, where we get all of our goat milk from. We choose farms that are very good to their animals. Also, we know nutritionally that there is a big difference between grass fed and grass finished, so all of those things are important. We are also transparent about all this so if anyone wants more information about sourcing, if you go to our website we do name our farms and post pictures to be as transparent as possible. 

Dwight: Are there any unique characteristics behind Steve’s Products.

Joel: We use goat milk in our entire line, for a couple of reasons, but the big one is the inclusion of probiotics. Goat milk naturally is loaded with beneficial bacteria. It is excellent for anti-diarrheal and it is excellent for gut health, correcting that gut imbalance between good and bad bacteria. We believe strongly that all health begins and ends in the gut. So, if we can take care of that all other health issues that pet parents are experiencing can be start being solved or at least improved with food if we heal the gut first. 

We want to thank Joel for joining us and telling us a little more about Steve’s Real Food. If you have any questions about Steve’s or are interested in these products you can come into any of our 18 locations around Southern California or check out our website at