Meet Edgar, Santa Monica General Manager


Edgar is my name Pet Food and Nutrition is my game. I own a male rabbit named Momo who does not like to eat soggy lettuce, spinach, or celery. Nothing but the freshest in his bowl partnered with a small portion of Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Pellets and an unlimited supply of Oxbow Timothy Hay. Fun facts about Momo are that he is litter trained, knows his name, and loves apple cores.




I also rescued a German Sheperd named Sparky. He’s the Centinela Feed Santa Monica's professional treat taster. Any new product that hits our shelves he gets to try and approve. His favorite food is Welcome Home Fish with a Steve's Real Food Turkey Patty and two pumps of Grizzly Salmon Fish Oil to keep his skin and coat strong and healthy. During summer months, he enjoys Primal Turkey Necks and Primal Goats Milk to cool off! Only the best for my boys.


During summer months, he enjoys... Primal Goals Milk to cool off!

- Edgar