Myra, long beach manager


In our home we have 2 kitty bosses, Slowie and Khloe. My significant other was not aware of dietary needs for his kitties and did not know that cats could be allergic to their food, which can cause a great deal of health problems, just like in humans. Both cats had a lot of skin issues due to these allergies and had chewed themselves to shreds. In fact, when I first met them, they had very little fur.  



Immediately, I started moving them to a more limited diet to try to isolate what the allergy was being caused by. Typically, when looking for allergies in your pet’s food the best thing is to start by focusing on the protein. Often, because allergies can build up and get worse overtime, you will notice that in cats either fish or chicken will be a major source of the problem. We started by removing the kibble and moving them onto wet food (canned and pouches) that did not include fish. Because Weruva has many different varieties of wet food and still has a very high-water content, we started with the Weruva Paw Lickin ChickenBooya OMG (beef and chicken)Ciao Baby OMG (chicken and shrimp) and Nine Liver. Since they were still itching, we decided to remove the chicken instead and see if that was any more helpful. Sticking with Weruva, we tried them on Devour Me OMG (tuna and duck), Baby Cakes OMG (tuna and beef), Sweet Cheeks OMG (tuna and salmon), and Mideast Feast. They immediately stopped itching all the time and the fur started to grow back. 



Typically, when looking for allergies in your pet’s food the best thing is to start by focusing on the protein   

- Myra


Once we found out that chicken was causing the skin issues their overall health and skin & coat started improving by leaps and bounds. We make sure to keep them at least partially on wet food since hydration is a big problem with kitties if they do not get enough and wet food is a great way to get them the hydration they need. We also introduced them to Primal freeze dried and found that they went completely crazy for it. Primal is made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce. Adding that raw food into their diet, even as a partial feeding, gives them many great added heath benefits, from skin and coat, to probiotics, to keeping them at a great weight. I also add primal bone broth to it (for the added moisture) and they can’t get enough. Now everyone is furry and happy!