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It’s 6PM and time for dinner. What makes you more excited, a bowl of kibble or a bowl of juicy raw meat mixed with tasty toppers? Well most humans wouldn’t be able to decide that considering we don’t eat either, however if we asked my golden retriever Angel, well she would tell you that bowl of juicy raw meat mixed with tasty toppers is the number one pick. Being a dog owner for most of my life, I have fed many different types of dog foods from kibble, to freeze dried, to air dried, to frozen raw food. I have had many years of experience with understanding the differences between each category and I’d love to share Angel’s experience with you.

Over the last 6 years, Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies has given me the knowledge and experience to understand the differences in nutritional value that different types of foods offer. If we take a dog and wolf’s DNA, they have about 99.8% the same DNA as one another. If we compare the diet of a domestic dog, compared to the diet of a wolf, we would see a drastic difference in the nutrition provided. Many households feed a kibble-based diet, whereas wolves are out in the wild hunting live prey. Digestion starts with the mouth and unlike humans, dogs lack a very important digestive enzyme called amylase that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. Unfortunately, a kibble diet consists of mainly carbohydrates which makes it difficult for dogs to digest. Considering the DNA similarities, as pet owners we should also be feeding our pets as close to a live prey diet as possible.


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steve's real foodSteve's Real Food
Raw Frozen 9.75 lb Beef Nuggets


So, what does Angel eat? Well many different things consist of her diet daily and she is one happy girl at feeding time. First, we start with Steve’s Real Food, which was the first raw dog food on the market starting in 2002. Steve’s is a complete and balanced meal and comes in patties and nuggets. Steve’s offers the most affordable way to feed frozen raw food with their bulk boxes of 9.75LB in the nugget form and 20LBs in the patty form. Not only does Angel get Steve’s frozen patties, we also mix in their freeze-dried crumbled on top with some delicious Answer’s goat’s milk. The goats’ milk is a great digestive additive for Angel whenever she eats something she’s not supposed to and being 6 months old, well I’m sure you can guess she’s a little mischievous at times. And if the frozen Steve’s Real Food and freeze dried isn’t enough, Angel also gets Ziwi Peak air dried as a topper. Ziwi Peak offer 96% protein formulas that are ethically sourced from New Zealand. All animals are free range, raised without added hormones, and contain green mussels that are a great source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and omegas. The green mussels are great for joint, skin and coat health, and being a large breed, it eases my mind knowing she’s getting the best nutrients to help her in the future.


Ziwi Peak
Venison Recipe
steve's real foodSteve's Real Food
Raw frozen goat's milk


When I tell you she’s one happy girl at breakfast and dinner, I tell you she literally can’t sit still. She follows me from the fridge, to the cupboard, to the sink, tapping those little paws and pressing me with those bright brown eyes. I’m confident that the nutrition she gets daily is the best diet she could have. Now let your pet decide what’s for dinner, a bowl of kibble or a bowl of juicy raw meat mixed with tasty toppers.


Considering the DNA similarities, (between wolves and dogs) as pet owners we should also be feeding our pets as close to a live prey diet as possible

-Jessica T.