Halloween pet costume
Join us for our Howl-O-Ween costme contest! Submit a picture of your pet in costume anytime until October 29th! We will pick 3 winners who will receive gift cards to their local Centinela Feed store as well as some Halloween goodies. We will post some of your pictures here so that everyone can enjoy the amazing costumes. Please send your submission to

Customer's Picture submissions
Bailey - Woody from Toy Story
Rafa - Sushi
Lili - Fairy Butterfly
Luna - Witch
Kipper - Zero
Bev & Moose - Star Wars
Sia Pia-Candy Corn; Mahomes-Spider Cat; Cheddaroni-Jack-O-Lantern
Cedric, Neville, Luna & Choco - Jurrasic Bark Dinosaurs
Ichiro - Skinniest Sumo Wrestler
Jimmy - Pumpkin
Duchess as Hot Dog
Remy - Dino
Penny - Strawberry
Trixie - Taco
Bev & Moose - Star Wars
Serina - Barktoberfest!
Freya - Lady Bug
Jackson - Salmon Nigiri Sushi
Kendall - Cher from Clueless
Aspen - Little Bee
Kel - Sleepy Cat
Fig & Maru - Monsters
Sally - Robin 
Zelda - Sunflower
Leo - Cutest Rufferee
Holly - Baseball Player
Serjio - Oompa Loompa
Riley - Tiger Qween
Penelope - Snow White
Cruz - Fedex Driver
Uncle Curley - Beetle Juice
Barry - Bear Costume
Bentley - Politician
Ceasar - Priate
Cat Ate the Dog
Kalieah - Harry Potter
Rufus - first flight
Tonka - 50s girl
Hades - The Hamburgler
Kenzie - The Mummy
Kiki - The Witch
Thumper and Azul - Starbucks Barrista and Cafe Latte
Type - The super dog
Mango - USPS Driver
Asher - The lobster
lucky - Mysterious Cat
Mia - The busy bee
Njord and Sven - The Shark and the stingray
Prissy - Red riding hood
Jasper - The Devil
Grace - The witch
Audi - Wonder Dog (woman)
Bruno - Spiderdog
Cody - Hand sanitizer
daxter - The scary bunny
Gansito - Los California Taco Truck
Gunter - Starbucks barista
Apollo and Hercules - Buzz and Woody
Kensington, Arabella, and buckett - Firefighter, nurse, and paramedic
kieda - Super Dog Model
Kooper and Hurley - Batman and Robin
Nicholas, Wish, and Hercules - Jeep, barbasol shaving cream and dognosaur
Scout - Centinela Feed Employee
Boo Radley, Scout, Myra, and Babe - Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther and Captain Marvel
Mayor - The Child
nightwing - The Cowboy
Rocco - The Pope
Teddy - The lobster
Vader and Fontina - Darth Vader and Pricess Leia
Vivi - Sushi plate
bowie - harry potter
bruno - Happy Pug
Conchita - Dragon
Douglas Fur - Squirrel
Ducky - Maverick - top gun
Georgia and Ripley - Vampires
lady - little lion
linda - bee happy
lucky - sherlock holmes
mariner, nova, and phillip - The star wars trio
Musket - The pirate
Nille, Joie, and Piper - Ketchup, mustard and relish
Roxy - Little monster
Sisu - werewolf
Xochi - The dogter
Zues - Rubber ducky
Louis - Frenchie Krueger
Olaf - The Chameloen
sparky - The superdog