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Picture of bearHi, I'm Bear
I've written to you before. I just got permission from my humans to email you again.
I overheard my humans talking about something called Covid-19. They said it is a bad thing. My grandmother said that this Covid-19 thing is causing something called a "hardship" for our family. I guess it means that I can only have certain things that I need like food but nothing extra. I heard her say that paper stuff called money ins't here for us like it was before. i ahven't gotten any treats or toys lately. even though I'm a good boy. 
Yesterday she got an email from you guys. It made her cry. It said that if people are having a ruff time to stop by and you would help you out. So today we got in the car and went over to our favorite Centinela Feed on Rose Ave. My grandmother spoke to the store manager who remembered me! The manager gave us HUGE bag of food AND treats!! WOOF WOOF WOOF! My grandmother cried because your humans have always been so kind and polite to us. And they gave me food when we really needed it. I had some dinner and it made my tummy so happy!! YUMMMMM!!! So I wanted to say that thank you so very much for your help today. It's a nice thing when humans do nice things, even for other fur babies. All I knew is that I wish more humans were like you guys. This isn't the first time your humans have treated me like a very special good boy. I love your humans. And they love me too.
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One day when we have some of that paper stuff called money again. I'll buy a big bag of my favorite biscuits and share them with all of you.



P.S. This is Bear's family. Thank you for your love and support during these difficult times. Sometimes, tragedy can bring out the best in us all. We are truly truly humbled and grateful. God bless all of you.