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I rarely post about companies but today we'll make an exception.

This is what Hugo mostly eats Ziwi Lamb or Mackerel/lamb. He does very well on Duck, Rabbit which I get occasionally from Primal, but it is pricy so he gets a mix of everything.

For those who wants to try raw feeding but are intimidated by the process (like I was), dried air raw is a the way to go. I really love the formula of Ziwi because it is mostly proteins (no legumes) with green mussels, vitamins needed, dried kelp, minerals, parsley.

We shop at our local Centinela Feed because they always have deals. We wait and we stock up. They also have $5 reward cards that we use all the time, and we receive email updates on their promos.

Today, we got our FREE Ziwi Peak bag. The deal is buy 11, get 1 free. (You don't have to buy them all at once). So I can tell you how happy we are to have that free bag right now.

We hope this post was helpful.
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Previous Customer Experience - December

We are always happy to help our customers and we love to hear from them whenever we can. We received the following note from Sparky and Gizmo's parents.


I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing service especially this year. Delivery is such a welcome addition right now. And so nice of them to take the items up our stairs. My husband just had spine surgery and can not carry the 40 pound bags at this time. I only wish I was home when you delivered since I wanted to give a tip to the delivery person. We and our kitties Sparky and Gizmo say MANY THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM.

Tara and Matt




Previous Customer Experience - November



We had a wonderful time with our Howl-O-Ween Celebration this year! Even though we are in the midst of the pandemic we still wanted to make sure that we celebrated the holiday with our furry friends and their families. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest. For our first year we had so many amazing entries that we are going to have a hard time picking the winners. Check back to our website on Wednesday, November 4th to see who the winners were and in the meantime check out our Costume Contest page to see all of the entries that we received. Thank you as well to all of the wonderful members of our Centinela Feed Furry Family that showed up to our Halloween Drive By! We wanted to find a way to celebrate with all of our customers while also making sure that we did it safely. Hopefully everyone had a fun time dressing up for our drive by Trick or Treating and we hope to celebrate with you again next year. Check out some awesome pictures from our festivities on our Halloween Drive By page.


Previous Customer Experience - October
The Cortinas family have been regulars at our store for several years now. Back in mid-April of this year, Mr. Cortinas surprised us by coming in with marching orders from his son, Zayden, to pass on a note he had written to us. When COVID-19 first hit and there was so much uncertainty surrounding all the business closures, Zayden had been worried about how they would be able to get supplies for their cats and had wanted to thank us for staying open. We were all so incredibly touched by his note that, in turn, we surprised him with a gift basket of goodies for his family to share and a note just for him, signed by all our staff. Just like Mrs. Cortinas said, we wish we could have hugged all of you!! Until it is safe to do so, though, we have Zayden’s note posted in our office as a reminder.
Zayden, from all of us here at the West LA Store, thank YOU!!
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Previous Customer Experience - August
Picture of bearHi, I'm Bear
I've written to you before. I just got permission from my humans to email you again.
I overheard my humans talking about something called Covid-19. They said it is a bad thing. My grandmother said that this Covid-19 thing is causing something called a "hardship" for our family. I guess it means that I can only have certain things that I need like food but nothing extra. I heard her say that paper stuff called money ins't here for us like it was before. i ahven't gotten any treats or toys lately. even though I'm a good boy. 
Yesterday she got an email from you guys. It made her cry. It said that if people are having a ruff time to stop by and you would help you out. So today we got in the car and went over to our favorite Centinela Feed on Rose Ave. My grandmother spoke to the store manager who remembered me! The manager gave us HUGE bag of food AND treats!! WOOF WOOF WOOF! My grandmother cried because your humans have always been so kind and polite to us. And they gave me food when we really needed it. I had some dinner and it made my tummy so happy!! YUMMMMM!!! So I wanted to say that thank you so very much for your help today. It's a nice thing when humans do nice things, even for other fur babies. All I knew is that I wish more humans were like you guys. This isn't the first time your humans have treated me like a very special good boy. I love your humans. And they love me too.